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Magdalena Soderqvist

Nature (mostly) photographer from Stockholm, Sweden who makes a living as a full time employed IT Manager. Photography is my everything else – it is meditation, exercise, creativity and at best – pure happiness.

The images on my portfolio page have been chosen because they represent my best work so far, and will look really nice printed and on your wall! For a somewhat bigger and less strict selection of images, please check out the gallery page – most of these images are of course available for print purchase as well should you find one of interest – contact me if that is the case! And for even further images you are welcome to my Instagram account.

Photography subjects
While not a birder, birds are great subjects for wildlife photography, and the bigger the better. I am lucky enough to live near a colony of Grey Herons – these birds are absolutely fantastic to study and capture in camera – which is why they have a section of their own in my small portfolio. In addition to this I do quite a bit of macro or closeup photography. Less interested in creating extreme closeups of bugs, and more in capturing an interesting combination of shapes, structures and colours, though often with a bug in there somewhere! At some point there will also be a section with my non-nature photos on the site – stay tuned for more about that!

In nature: Respect for everything living should always be at the core of every aspect when photographing nature – true success comes from capturing that special moment without causing disturbance to either plant or animal – or human for that matter. In post-production: I try as much as possible to stay true to the moment as experienced on location – if the image requires major operations in Photoshop to make me happy, it was not a good enough image to begin with. Favourite editing tool is Lightroom, where more than 95% of the editing is done.

I shoot almost exclusively with Nikon equipment – at my own expense. Tried my fortune with both Sony Mirrorless and Fuji (both great systems by the way) but my hands felt most at home when gripping a Nikon, so there you go. As much handheld as possible, but occasionally a tripod or even monopod comes in handy, especially for certain types of macro work. Natural light only for outdoor work, flash possibly for the occasional studio production.

Proud member of nature photography association Biofoto Sverige and local artist association Galleri Bibb.

Joint exhibitions – contributions to:
– With Biofoto, Vårgårda naturfotofestival, Nov 19
-“Tänd ett ljus”, Galleri Bibb, Nov 20-Jan 21
-“Fönster”, Galleri Bibb, Jan 21-Mar 21
-“Vårdagjämning”, Galleri Bibb, Mar 21-May 21
-Summer exhibition, Galleri Bibb, May 21-Aug 21
-Autumn exhibition, Galleri Bibb, Aug 21-Oct 21
-Biofoto Sweden 10 Year Jubilee, Virtual exhibition, July-Dec 21

Solo exhibitions:
-Galleri Bibb, planned for March 2022 (more info to come)!

This website
This is a WordPress site, with a Pro package for photographers (by Themegoods) as base, and then tweaked to my liking. More functionality may come with time, but the focus for now has been to create a clean, modern site with full attention on what matters the most – the photographs. Hope you like it!

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